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Photo Gallery

Historic Homes, Monroe NC Historic Homes, Monroe NC Belk Mansion Belk Mansion 195225093 702 South Hayne 702 South Hayne, Snyder-Beasley Mansion 194434458 601 West Jefferson 601 West Jefferson 194434459 1400 Concord Avenue 1400 Concord Avenue 194434460 195225092 1405 Concord Avenue 1405 Concord Avenue 194434461 Belk Mansion Belk Mansion 194434786 W S Blakeney Mansion W S Blakeney Mansion 194434787 801 West Franklin 801 West Franklin 194434785 317 West Windsor 317 West Windsor 194434463 J Ray Shute House J Ray Shute House 194557602 317 West Windsor (second version) 317 West Windsor (2nd version) 194434462 702 South Hayne, Snyder-Beasley Mansion in Winter 702 South Hayne, Snyder-Beasley Mansion in Winter 194559550 401 South Church 401 South Church 194907453 O. P. Heath House O. P. Heath House 195225095 195225094